Shelby County, Alabama

Shelby County is centrally located in the state of Alabama and was established in 1818. It is named in honor of the first Governor of Kentucky, Isaac Shelby, who was a Revolutionary War hero. It is the fastest growing county in the state, leading to the decline in Birmingham and Jefferson County, as well as the 5th largest county, with approximately 195,000 residents. Shelby County has a long history in agriculture, and is an important location for soybeans. Soybeans have surpassed cotton as the most important crop grown there. It is home to Oak Mountain State Park and Double Oak Mountain.

Originally the county seat was located in Shelbyville, which is a settlement that was located in Pelham at the time. In 1826, it was moved to Columbia, which is now Columbiana. The current courthouse is built of limestone, but the original courthouse was made of logs.

Shelby County currently has three nursing homes, none of which are on the National Nursing Home Watch List. If a nursing home is on the National Nursing Home Watch list, it means they have had a recent survey violation or substantiated complaints for “actual harm” or “immediate jeopardy”. All three are located in Alabaster.

At the Nursing Home Law Group, founding member Steven Baker possesses the skills and knowledge to assist you with protecting the rights of your family member who may be in a nursing home. He is dedicated to protecting their rights, their welfare, and their dignity, as well as assisting you, the family member. Not only is Steven Baker a practicing attorney, but is also a registered nurse. He is knowledgeable regarding the laws and guidelines that have been established to protect individuals who reside in nursing homes.

Many times an event happens that requires our loved one to go to a Nursing Home, but that puts them at risk for abuse or neglect. They may be unable to speak for themselves, or communicate clearly. Steven Baker at Nursing Home Law Group believes it is his responsibility to help those may be unable to help themselves. He has the experience, dedication, skill and knowledge to take on the task of representing your loved ones while recovering for wrongful death, abuse, or neglect.

There are some occasions where cases are settled out of court. If your case needs to go to court, however, Shelby county is located in the 18th Judicial Circuit of Alabama. By visiting their website, you can obtain helpful information, including judges, rules, codes, and guidelines.

The office of NHLG is located within just a few miles of Shelby County, in Hoover, Alabama. Steven Bakers office can easily be reached via Hwy 31 or I-65/459/ Don’t Hesitate. Contact us TODAY to schedule a free consultation if you feel your loved one has been mistreated while in a nursing home.

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