Montgomery County, Alabama

Montgomery County, located in the southeast corner of Alabama, was founded in 1816 and is considered the birth place of the Civil Rights Movement. It has the fourth largest population in the state, with approximately 229,363 residents, and was named in honor of a military officer, Lemuel P. Montgomery, who was killed during the War of 1812 in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Montgomery is home to Nat King Cole, the nation’s first Trolley System, the world’s first Flight School, Hank Williams, Jr., and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The county seat is Montgomery, which is also the capitol city of the State. It was originally located in Cahaba, and then moved to Tuscaloosa. In 1846, the capitol moved to the city of Montgomery and was named for General Richard Montgomery. Richard Montgomery was killed in 1775, during the American Revolutionary War, while attempting to capture Quebec City, Canada.

Locating a nursing home is an overwhelming task. You are trying to make a decision about which facility you can to trust to provide the care your family member needs. We all want to believe that our loved one will receive adequate care, but in some instances, this is not the case. In the past year, 1 out of 3 nursing homes received an infraction. Between 1 and 2 million Americans over the age of 65 were abused. 1 in 10 will spend some of their lives in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. At least 1/3 of nursing home residents will experience some form of abuse, to include physical abuse, neglect, psychological distress, exploitation, sexual abuse, and malnutrition. The most common reason for discharge from a nursing home is death, but less than 1% of nursing home deaths are autopsied.

Currently, Montgomery County has 11 facilities that provide care for elderly. All 11 are located in Montgomery. Of those eleven, nine were rated “Much Below Average” and one was rated “Below Average”. Only one nursing home in the county was given a rating of Average. Two of Montgomery’s Nursing Homes are on the National Nursing Home Watch List, meaning they have had a recent survey violation or substantiated complaints for “actual harm” or “immediate jeopardy”.

At the Nursing Home Law Group, we are Alabama Lawyers representing Montgomery County citizens. The founding member, Steven Baker, is dedicated to protecting the welfare, dignity and rights of elderly nursing home residents, as well as possessing the skills and knowledge to do so. He is a registered nurse and a practicing attorney, and is knowledgeable regarding the guidelines and laws that are supposed to protect residents of nursing homes. Unfortunately, our elderly population is vulnerable to abuse and neglect from those they rely most upon to protect them. Many are unable to speak for themselves. We at the Nursing Home Law Group believe it is our responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves. Our attorneys have experience undertaking the task of representing a client’s loved ones and recovering for abuse, neglect, or wrongful death.

Occasionally, cases are settled out of court. However, if your case goes to court, Montgomery and Montgomery County are located in the 15th Judicial Circuit of Alabama. You can visit the 15th Judicial Circuit of Alabama for helpful information, including codes, rules, guidelines, and judges.

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