Mobile County, Alabama

Mobile County was founded in 1812 and is located at the junction of the Mobile River and Mobile Bay on the northern Gulf of Mexico. It is the second most populated county in Alabama with an estimated population of 412,990 residents. The name Mobile is in honor of the Maubila tribe of Indians.

The city of Mobile is the county seat. Mobile is the only seaport in Alabama and plays a key role in the economic health of the city. It is the 9th largest port in the United States. Mobile is recognized has one of the Gulf Coast’s cultural centers, and houses several art museums, a symphony orchestra, a professional opera, a professional ballet company, and a large concentration of historic architecture. Mobile is known for having the oldest organized carnival celebration in the United States dating back to 1830.

The information regarding nursing home abuse and neglect is frightening. In Mobile County, eighteen facilities provide long-term care. Of those eighteen, 8 received a rating of either Below Average or Much Below Average. Two out of the 8 are on the National Nursing Home Watch List. This means that they have received a survey violation or a complaint indicating immediate jeopardy or actual harm was substantiated. With this in mind, Mobile County residents may find that deciding on a nursing home could be a difficult task.

When making a decision about who will be responsible for your loved ones care, it is important to consider what your loved ones needs are, as well as the quality, staffing, deficiencies, patient reviews and ratings of the nursing home you are considering. Most nursing home staff reported being understaffed, under paid, and witnessing first hand abuse of nursing home residents. One-third of nursing home patients experience some type of abuse. Nursing home abuse includes neglect, sexual abuse, exploitation, malnutrition, psychological stress, and physical abuse. 33% of the nursing homes have had deficiencies on their inspections in the past year. Since over half of the residents in nursing homes have no family or close friends to check on them, abuse often goes unreported. It is estimated that only 20% of abuse cases are actually reported. This is worrisome considering that the elderly population is on the rise.

Steve Baker is the founding member of the Nursing Home Law Group and is committed to helping you protect the dignity, welfare, and rights of nursing home residents. Although Mr. Baker is an attorney, he is also a registered nurse, which provides him with a unique experience and insight into the problems that occur in nursing homes. He is well versed in the nursing home guidelines that should protect each nursing home resident and the laws that govern those guidelines. Because our elderly population is susceptible to neglect or abuse, we believe it is our responsibility to protect the rights of our nursing home residents. Many cannot speak for themselves or are fearful of retaliation. Attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Group are experienced in taking on the challenge of representing your client’s loved one and recovering compensation for the abuse, neglect, or wrongful death of your loved one.

There are instances when your case will be settled without a lawsuit. If needed, however, your lawsuit may go to court. Mobile County is served by the 13th Judicial Circuit of Alabama Knowing information regarding guidelines, rules, codes, and judges can be beneficial if you or your loved one become involved in a legal matter.

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